Frequently Asked Questions


How is this different from alumni network platforms and job boards that you already use?

We are a complement, rather than a competitor, to an alumni-connection platform (such as Handshake), or a job board (such as Symplicity). Our focus is enabling short informational interviews based on the student's career interests (regardless of school association). That said, it is possible that a professional may be impressed by one of your students, and refer them internally for a job or an internship.

Couldn’t students get the same insights from LinkedIn?

The professionals sharing their experiences and insights on our network have agreed to help college students. Additionally, they are motivated to identify new talent for their company, and earn referral bonuses.

Is there a cost to the university or students for using GEN Z Connect?

For a select group of charter schools, there is no cost to the university or the students. In exchange for free access, our charter schools agree to let use their logo under the ‘partner schools’ section of our website.

Schools that sign on later will pay an annual licensing fee. Additionally, students/parents from non-affiliated schools can purchase annual memberships.

How does GEN Z Connect make money?

GEN Z has three sources of revenue:

1. Corporate partners pay to showcase a certain number of employees on the platform, which enables them to use their employee base to source talent.

Partners include companies such as Accenture and SunTrust, and trade associations such as the American Land Title Association.

2. Non-charter schools pay an annual licensing fee (starting at $2,450).

3. Students from non-affiliated schools can purchase annual memberships.

Will sponsor companies put their employees on the network?

They can, however, the network is not limited to employees of sponsors. Professionals do not represent their employers when sharing views on our network, and can come from companies that we may not currently be working with.

At what companies do GEN Z professionals work?

Some notable companies that our professionals belong to include Deloitte Consulting, Apple, PwC, lyft, Disney, and TESLA. We also have a number of non- profit professionals and lawyers on the network. We are aggressively growing the GEN Z network.

How do you select professionals to be part of the network?

We require at least two years of experience to be considered for joining our network. Each applicant to the network is evaluated based on their education, what company they work for, and their work experience.

How do you ensure quality of information shared during sessions?

We provide guidelines for both students and professionals, which serve as a framework for a successful session(s). Additionally, both parties rate each other at the end of each session.

How do you ensure privacy of student information?

Professionals can only view the profile of a student once the student has requested a session with them. We never share student information with third parties for any reason. For additional details on data security, you can visit the ‘Privacy’ link at the bottom of our site.